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Industries We Served

We are providing Customized OR Equivalent Solutions for Rotary Unions in many comprehensive industries

Iron & Steel

FLUIDEN Rotary Unions are used into casting, hot and cold rolling, extrusion, and galvanizing applications in the metals industry. Resistant to external temperatures, rotary unions are used into continuous casting cooling rolls and into hydraulic coiler & de coiler as a media of water & hydraulic.


FLUIDEN Rotary Unions are used in textile machinery industry. It is used into Weaving, dyeing and finishing process machineries. Rotary unions are used for drying and cooling processes use heated or cooled rolls or dryer with use of media of water, steam and hot oil.

Machine Tools

FLUIDEN Rotary Unions for coolant, air, and oil service are high-performance, high-precision rotary unions which are generally applied to spindles on CNC machines, gun drilling, milling, and other machinery by media using water and coolant


FLUIDEN Rotary Unions are used in the wet end of corrugating operations including on preheater rolls, single facers, preheat stack dryers, glue stations, and double backers, flexo printing, calendaring, and cooling applications machinery by media using Steam and hot oil with advantage of siphon system.


FLUIDEN Rotary Unions are used into plastic machinery including tape stretching line, lamination printing machine cast film, blown film, foam, flexible and rigid sheet extrusion, single and multi-layer co-extrusion, blow molding, thermoforming, printing machine cooling cylinder, flexo printing machine cooling cylinder for water, thermal oil, air and hydraulic applications.


FLUIDEN Rotary Unions are used into paper mills & paper converters machines by use of steam joint and siphon systems and water unions for heating and cooling. Rotary unions are using into Paper dryers heating rolls by media using steam, hot water and oil with advantage of siphon system.

Rubber and Tire

FLUIDEN Rotary Unions are used into Rubber and tire manufacturing industries including mixing and extrusion of the rubber combined with other ingredients by using of media Water and steam.

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We are FLUIDEN is one of Best Rotary Union manufacturer in India. We offer wide Range of Rotary Unions for new installations and as well as easily equivalent to fit for any other brands of rotary unions with best quality range at a very competitive prices & excellence after sales service in India .

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